Saturday, November 29, 2008

"whys" of MUMBAI needs to be answered

I having stayed in mumbai for 15 years i have never seen this city so terrified. This city has seen many tragedies , mayhem . But this recent attack was the most disturbing. It made me cry in the core of my heart . It was the feeling of being helpless in my own country, anger allover, dissatisfaction, and to be honest little afraid. But spirit is not broken rather it is strengthen more now, and detremined to fight back.

Its a really sad state of affairs how a bunch of bastards can hold this city to ransom raping its lively spirit. But there are bigger question to be answered first . i know it is foolish to ask terrorist this but it is real question that need some intospection by them , if they wish to do so.
why should an "aam aadmi" should face the heat. Their battle is against the corruopt politician who are polictising top to bottom the moral fibre of this country why not rather kill them and do some community service.

The way u terrorist operate the day is not far when the "aaam aadmi" will cath hold of u and fuck u people hard and shatttered into pieces and burn u alive.
I wont mind my language for u because u son of bitch deserve this treatment.

My next question is to the politician , adminstartions. why u poeple lack willingness to stand and fight aginst terror. Why u IAS people are paid more than IPS .
this attack was on the financial capital of india they managed to annhiliate india grand hotels.
May be the next attack could be on to the TATAS , the AMBANIS , who are ambassodor of outr country to this world.
when are we going to let go the "rambharose city " " chalta hai " attitude out of our mind.

I believe the true threat to this country is not terrorist but corrupt politician . Where were those MNS goondas who use to threat mumbaikar for not speaking marathi. Most of the who dies saving this city couldnot speak marathi. if they were the true lovers of the city why they were hiding in closet. Why narendra modi came to mumbai to try to policize the event for its votebank benefits.why blame mr hemant karkare first for politicizing and then offering his family rs. 1 crore why such double standards why such hypocrisy.
. why target and particular community , religion .
why don't u simply depolticize these debates to save our country

Haven't we learnt anything from 1993 blast.
why such collective amnesia is there why dont we learn from our mistake.

May be the army rule imposed on this country is best solution.
I'am happy atleast our protectionist forces are not corrupt.
The true martyrs , the heros sghould not die easily theri memories should live in our heart forever. Their innate patriotism should not go in vain.

MUMBAI much talk about resilience is a joke now.
What we need today that educated vast majority middle class should come up and take in charge of this country. we need leadership , clean adminstration (impossible is nothing).
Let anger translate into concrete actions now, the sacrifice shoud be the milestone ofour freedom

finally i pay homage ,a tribute to all the brave men who laid their lives , who fought bravely.
I hope ur souls will unite us forever.

JAI HIND...!!!


Anonymous said...

I guess Hemand Karkare, Salaskar, Kamte and their MARATHI colleagues should have first counted how many marathis are trapped inside the buildings, and then only decided whether to risk their lives. Coz even though so many marathi cops have died to save Mumbai, marathis are now being told that 'north indian army' has saved them. There are so many marathi soldiers who hv died for this country..and are still at the border as I type this..I guess their sacrifices are in vain.
Besides, what exactly was Raj supposed to do? You are talking as if all other politicians were battling it out at the Taj and taking bullets, while only Raj Thackeray was missing.He quietly went to meet the cops' families, his party arranged medical assistance camps..but he didn't exploit this in front of media, because unlike NORTH INDIAN leaders like lalu, abu azmi, amar singh, RAJ has never supported SIMI, Afzal guru etc.
It is due to the these north indian leaders n their supporters, that terrorism has become so rampant.

Manish Dhiman said...

jus get ur statistics right whoever u are...!!!
they didnt entred taj first of all...!!!
nobody said only north indian saved life i wonder who told u that. try to get my point first wht i was saying i meant stop policitizising mumbai with all bull shit. i was not against marathi manoos or ur beloved raj.
i have ni issue with him as long he serve indian not only marathis.
he did a gr8 job when he lended help he did a gr8 job with jet employee sacking incidence. but do u support the ruckus that he creates by bouncing over particular community anyways that not important at all...!!!
also i havent said that north indian leaders did some wondeful job. plz dude if u reading this start reading that writeup again .
i wrote it as native frustrated indian. not as north indian or south indian.
what a shame on u when u said terrorism is due to north indian leaders.i'am not supporting them as well but i question ur prosperity as native indian.
whoever u are u i have now no respect for ur shrewd brains.
dnt exaagerate marathi issue here. we have something more important to talk . if u wish to...!!!
rest up to u.

ankita mishra said...

Yeah Manish,well said..It's not about a north Indian or a south Indian.Its all about an Indian who is not in a condition to tolerate any such nonsense in future.Politicians as well as terrorists should stop taking us for granted else it wont take too long for "RGB" or "Wednesday" to happen in real.

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