Friday, July 4, 2008


Hey guys this was the incident that took place with me
few days back it was quite inspiring i thought of putting it here.

I was travelling from my relatives home in navi mumbai to mine back in old mumbai.
I was in the local ,it was not at all a rush hour,almost void train.
Then a one of the life feeling in personification appeared
to me. A guy who had no legs at all climbed the doors of train in MASJID station with his hands support probably he was follower of Islam out of his look with the holy white cap on his head.

I was busy listening to the radio tunes by that time i think the song i was hearing was from jaane tu ya jaane na.And my attention grew up by my side.
Then he suddenly made an attempt to sit on my seat empty by my side.He suceeded and looked at me and smiled. As if he won some thing .I too smiled in return .
And i heard the message tone ,it was his mobile he took it out from his pocket and checked it and laughed . I looked at him in surprise. He caught my amazement and thought of sharing the joke that was messaged to him to me.
It was about santa singh and banta usual ones.Normally a guy like me would not laugh at it
having heard a lot of them.But he felt refreshed after reading it. He being an extrovert said to me "tum mere bete ki tarah dikhta ho ".
I took my headphones off my ears,and looked at him . I said "acha" wondering a look a like me doin what i asked "kitna bada hai kya karta hai" he said "Paanbeedi ki dukaan hai (pridely)itna jyada nahi kamati humari family , tumhaare jitna hoga".
I said "okie" (mr.english out of me).
I don't know why i thought he is a friendly guy.i asked him "kahan se aa rahe ho baba namaaz ada karke" he said "haan beta,humaari umar mein to allah ka sahara rehta hai bus (smiling)".
(And then the station arrived mind u MASJID to VT the distance isn't much ,takes around 2 minutes to reach there.)
I was looking at him and i don't know why i felt that the guy had completed some pursuit of happyness.
He looked merry to me.
Myself and he boarded of the train at VT. I thought of helping him to get down the platform ,but then my hands stopped he was satisfied by helping himself.
I didn't want him to feel handicap,for that moment it was me who was handicap.Though he kept crawling to leave the platform and as a audience continued to
look at him in intrigue manner .He was the man walking tall amongst all the thousands commutators.
And i asked myself what kept that man so boasting of himself and so happy.Despite having no legs, and not so affluent kind to support his family.
How he managed to be so happy .I compared him to me in a very selfish manner , i said though i do have certain luxuries of life that he doesn,t have
but how come i'am not as happy as him.
And the answer that i got from my subconcious "U MET COURAGE" and all the queries got answered!!!!!

It takes courage and nothing else to be happy no money can buy it... :)


Rookie said...

truly said.

Anonymous said...

hey dude nice inspirational story.

Shobha said...

nice...that's the word i guess...!!

Rishabh said...

that waz a nice one dude!!!

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