Thursday, October 1, 2009


Long before india was independent we all know there existed a man who held nation of billion in the strings of non violence and truth. Even today nowhere in the world there is a personality like mohandas karamchamd gandhi who had such a mass following. I guess that is the reason the man was called BAPU ( father of the nation) . He was one such leader with whom Muslim Hindu Sikh christian could connect so well that they felt he is god send, truly he was .
But today's independent India which is culmination of bapu's austerity simplicity ,non violence and sheer relentless effort have a completely different picture to show.
He was the first man to take up the social evils like "dalit riddance syndrome" and named them as hari zan and worked for their real inclusion in society. But today we have leaders like mayawati calling him as "nautanki baaz". who is so obsessed with her aishwarya lookalike beauty that she can't get enuf of making her own statutes.
We have his pseudo name Varun "gandhi" who is exact opposite of what gandhi and gandhi's stood for througout their life. His flambouyant statement that say's " agar koi tumhe ek gaal be thapad maare to us haath ko kaat do". well we can say he was exercising his freedom of speech which is an indirect gift of bapu's free india is completely 180 degree of what gandhi said. So we have like wise lot of winners who like desecrating gandhian values as foolish and out of time.

But i stand for contention with them had that been the case than why this cult man has larger following outside india. His values still reflects south africa present modern society , his followers are from countries like USA brazil russia and list is endless. There are people oceans away who call themselves as "sons of gandhy". Barack obama idolizes him . martin luther king was heavily inspired by him whose efforts culminated in race free society in USA today( may be not completely but still to large extent).

I fear that this majestic soul may remain confined to government office's picture under which whole corruption system take place. People make movies(Munnabhai, word "mamu" is more in the lingo of present youth than the true hero of movie bapu) about him but soon forget everything as soon as the show is over.

Are we forgetting that we live in his dream of independent india ?? I guess bapu must be wondering . Is this what i dreamt of ? outsiders recognizes me but not my own people.Gandhi was international figure an he will remain forever so. but for indian's i guess we are idolizing nathu ram godse values more , may be.

I guess he said his last two words aptly before godse a hindu chauvinist took his shot at his chest without any remorse.



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Anonymous said...

True insight man . I guess our society loves to project itself as byproduct of bapu efforts . but we are one's who actually don't respect gandhian values . Indians truly need a sense of introspection .

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