Thursday, July 3, 2008


U must be wondering why the headline is half in uppercase and in lower case...well it signifies the enromity of the situation in
today's india.
India is burning not at all shining(who said that !!!), over the minor issue's.
Say for example a land transfer deal in Jammu and Kashmir to amarnath shrine board. which was the matter of transfer of land , which could have
been resolved by local authorities dealing with it. But no ,We Indian's are proud of our culture of making a mountain out of mole.Which was suppose to be just
transfer of land, for the use pilgrimage stays in jammu during days of amarnath yatra.Suddenly this matter , became matter of big concerns al credit goes to upcoming
election in Jammu and Kashmir , it's like a playgorund for the communal parties who seem to wear a "choga" of being secular in all sense but love to
create havoc and chaos for their own benfit's. kudos to beneficiary of this issue they will have a ball now, must be partying somewhere they were able to spread
berserk al over the country . Their modus operandi was usual , kicking the butts of "aam junta"(who cares about them anyways..!!), stopping the train (their favourite passtime
sitting on the tracks, as if it pacify their burning soul, usual "tod fod", disrupting traffic, shouting slogans("bharat maat ki jai"(believing that police won't stop them
because it's for country's good, and to the surprise they manage to do it easily)), damaging public property .
In simple words they are doing for the people of country , but "they simply don't give a shit".
Now "jale pe namak" some political parties like VHP (backed by BJP, which is believe to be secular..) wants to scrap the subsidies
given to haj yaatris because they believed that it was some total of muslim crowd who wanted the Jammu & Kashmir government to revoke
land transfer deal to Shrine board, and they were the main culprits though they are not putting it in words(always trying
to be political correct) their deeds are gaudy enough to proove this.

Get a life a looser, it's not hindu , muslim or any other commnuities.It's the devil in ur mind which is forcing u to take up such heinous acts.
Just for ur own political good of ur careers.Don't divide this country over minor issues .
I as a citizen is simply fed up watching all days the same stupidity in recurrence over news channels, and i belive my country men as well tired now.
And how could i forgot to mention the present govenrment is simply deaf ears to what's happening all over because it's not their government in
Jammu and Kashmir. They are busy with pushing a deal , the one with big N. "inke apne pange hain" always doing left or right, going nowhere.
Rising oil prices , commodity prices.

The only thing that happened good today was the Truck drivers were on HARTAL otherwise if they would have been on roads theirs vehicals would be
scrapped by the mutiny.Anyways that is optimism, but soon they will also burn India with rising commodity prices.

That's what India the world's largets democracy is all about of whom we should be boastful of, shouldn't we!!!!

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Shobha said...

..kaafi frustrated lagte ho.....gud though..I am sure u put this frustration for use of the country as well... great work:P

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