Monday, May 28, 2012


Today once again in moments of a storm of usual rambling of various thoughts, one thought caught my attention. The power of forgiveness !! I realized a person ponder aimlessly when alone thinking about his past ...about things he could have done better or better avoided . And he/she submerges self into oblivion of endless guilt . I guess that's what past do to people. Then I thought what's new in this. People will always get an answer as "yes" to the question " could I have done it better" . But exactly that's the point . Rather than deep diving in a sea of guilt and sadness one should do a great favor to oneself and that is to forgive oneself, because no body else would do that for you. You will realize the moment you forgive yourself for all that could have been done better by you , you will start feeling light and suddenly there is discreet surge of energy and heightened concentration urging you to move forward and pick yourself up from whee you are standing now and to move to greater heights. Realizing that no matter what choices you will make now some of them will be  hurtful in hindsight but forgiving yourself in those moments will propel you towards a better you. And that's what a man purpose should be. He should continously endeavor to be a better man than he was realizing that mistake's are part of life ,...and that I cannot change the past but I surely can focus on my present and change my future by "Power of Forgiveness

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