Friday, January 17, 2014

How do you feel music

Sometimes I wonder what makes a music catchy how do you connect to a particular jingle may be !! Is it the cast , is it the background scene , the music itself ? I mean what exactly . My friend once answered it's the soul of the music. If that is the case I asked him do you like po po/ hud hud kinda music in salman khan songs or do you like yo yo/gangsta kind of rap.He said yes. He said "sab ka apna taste hota hai be" .I thought perhaps that was the right answer .

My personal taste is of English classics, rock, metal, Sufi, techno, electronic ,Bollywood , Folk songs etc.. I do like all kinds of music. But amongst all these genre I feel I have some favourite's too. This means it was not about taste either. My answer is " it's about how one relates to the song resembling from his very own instances in life " .
One common instance I know is of Love. I guess perhaps that's why majority of the music created in the world is revolved around only one theme called "Love" . Everyone in this world has experience this feeling in any stage of his life from cradle to grave. (A word of advice for all the girls/boys out there, never fall for a guy/girl who doesn't love music at all. because he/she can't feel love :))

I think people feel music by relating to it and not by any soul or taste !!

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