Friday, July 16, 2010

IIT-IAN feeling

To be IIT-ian is feeling of abject misery and superb delight that is why in sum total it is called  UNIQUE experience. I could see Question marks on everyone's face at the same time.. I can find some faces full of answers. The feeling is indescribabale in mere words it has to be felt.  But the silence and rush in IIT  compels one to think what he has done so far and where does he wanna go from here.  I have lot of good to say at the same time much to criticize(love doing so :P) abt being IITian. But i will wait

somebody one's said to me Right/Left = = Life/Death(it ryhmes if you read it that way). I guess i 'm at testing this phrase. Hope to make some good turns and detours if needed.  These are my intial days now here. So I can be blamed for judging the book by it's cover only(biased) if i criticize much or praise excessivly.So right now feeling is baffling . Hope these vacillating stringing chords in my head settle soon.
this thought is more apt to say right now "Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost".

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My Happiness

I saw and felt happiness in moments with u :) This is my happy.. this is my Joy