Saturday, June 2, 2012

Usual outsourcing hue and cry by west

Some time I just get flummoxed by the silly arguments made by politicians in the west on outsourcing jobs to India. By Outsourcing they probably imply call center operations in India , Philippians etc countries.  For them it's a shame that their jobs are outsourced but my questions is would they love to be at the receiving end of call centers call and be willing to respond to the silliest arguments , complaints or angry comments etc made by people . The answer is big NO. The reason being is that they unarguably think that they are the superior enough for such jobs and would never get their hands dirty in such menial jobs. In fact this was the reason why first the thought of outsourcing these jobs to cheap labor countries like India was proposed . So that Luxury lifestyle of even common average westerner is not compromised. But after every bloom phase comes a gloomy one .In fact in such moments they tend to realize the things which once overlooked in search of greener pastures. Well this time the phase was Recession. Earlier the thought that if a US citizen works as call center employee in that same pay 5 Indian would be willing to work for it. Now that's cheap and amount to "huge saving" to nation, so let's Outsource.. Now we may multiply it with suitable multiplier as it may please to anyone. Of course India would multiply with different number than westerner. On account of me being Indian :) my argument is that if a Indian company receiving outsourcing jobs is 1 bn dollar company and now employs 100000 people in India leading to higher productivity , would it be doing anything wrong to a nation like US for which we may be saving 19 bn dollar just cost per se.Current hue cry about outsourcing jobs sounds like a guy out of job and is willing to fire a housekeeper to gain some savings . But would it give his job back or for that matter how much saving can it accrue out of firing. Would that guy be willing to take up the job of housekeeper in some other person's home .The answer is big NO again because in that case they are overqualified. So question is what purpose does such discontent about outsourcing job actually serve. 

Now in current election the same hypocrisy is being shown by Obama admin to Mitt Romney but again that's a cheap political salvo. I wish to ask all those who applause on such statement made by Obama administration on outsourcing are they willing to work as a Call center employee . If answer is big YES . Than please take back your jobs be content with it because  India is already in need for these lakhs of educated people who work hard to make you lazy bums of west  feel comfortable. These Lakhs of youth are needed anyway to build a strong nation of India (conditions apply : our government is sensible and intelligent enough to take advantage of demographic dividend)

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