Monday, January 24, 2011

Serenity In Hustle-Bustle of IIT

I was born and brought up in mumbai and I lived here close to 17 years. Earlier I lived in south mumbai in sea facing apartments in the so called "posh area" (This area is costliest all over India in terms of property prices.)My stay has been more than pleasant here I could never forget the memories of this place. 
And now few years later after having left the place I'm back in mumbai for doing my post graduate studies. Living once again in one of the most calm and serene places in Mumbai away from usual hustle bustle mumbai is used to.. !!

The day I entered hostel 14 (Las Vegas of IIT Bombay) I was confused as of where and why I'm here. I guess that's just the initial laggard mindset struggling to adjust to newer settings. But then lull crept in back and I adjusted .

Now after spending few months here I realized that may be this place is surrounding by jungles and placid lakes but it's not entirely settled. Each day it brings in new challenges , opportunity but also disappointments ,sadness to many. Life never STOPS here. We here run for lectures, workshops, events ,catching up with each email notifications trying to fulfill all the obligations in limited period of time we have.

Despite all this one thing I love the most here (out of my confession) is the view from terrace it relaxes me my soul and provides me with new perspective . It gives me opportunity to spend with my real self. It gives me sense of direction .

The place has  natural view on one side with surrounding mountains ,jungles(filled with animals too) , tranquilizing lakes (feels like living in mahindra and mahindra holidays advt.) along with supply of cool gentle breeze 24/7 and on the other hand one can have a look at high rise building making up for concrete jungle ,crammed up highway, landing aeroplanes ,ongoing constructions , five star hotels.  

Whenever I come up here it get's me into thinking mode.The synergy of the view gives me inspiration that we may be running after material success but a decent time with oneself is not that bad at all. After all we can't run endlessly and aimlessly with no peace from inside. One needs to recharge his/her batteries and what better way it would be then to surrendering oneself to the awe inspiring pristine mother nature. 

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Lucky You

My Happiness

I saw and felt happiness in moments with u :) This is my happy.. this is my Joy