Sunday, June 3, 2012

Funny Faces

I believe travelling to places brings out the creative side of a person . Because he starts engaging into personal conversation with himself. But time of journey is major factor in deciding in identifying the levels and depth of creativity. In long journey you starts to think deep enough about things life , love, lust , spirituality , religion etc etc. But what if the journey is short - well in those moments you tend to reflect on your day back , watch people's habit , co-passenger conversation and start forming opinion about them their background etc. So travelling in nutshell is a great exercise for one to explore different aspects of life and people living those aspects.So is the case with my frequent travels in Mumbai local that evokes such creativity in me. :)

Yesterday I was watching people and observing how funny their skull structure would look like comparing them to neanderthals, homo sapiens kinds. Trust me they never look same and are quite funny. Throughout the journey I was laughing at myself imagining different skulls of people out of their faces. It all started with a thought that what's behind those sad and tired faces . And then I got into the thought literally :)

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My Happiness

I saw and felt happiness in moments with u :) This is my happy.. this is my Joy